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Why Elodie Zone quit YouTube

She has closed shop after 4 years.

Elodie Zone (Instagram)

Before having a YouTube channel became the in thing in Kenya, Elodie Zone was among the pioneers of the YouTube scene.

She joined the video-sharing website after she became a social pariah in high school following a vicious rumour that she was a slut.

Due to this rumour, people shunned her and she started a YouTube channel because she didn’t have any friends as teenagers can be merciless creatures.


“I started my YouTube channel because I didn’t have any friends because of those rumours of people calling me a slut, and that is when my family and friends would say some hurtful things. They told me a job as a YouTuber is not a job, that I’m embarrassing myself on the internet and that I am not making it in life.” Elodie disclosed. Luckily her family saw the light once she started making name for herself on YouTube and getting some endorsements.

Elodie Zone quits YouTube

4 years on, Elodie has quit the scene that made her a household name. Elodie broke fans hearts when she revealed that she got tired of YouTube and is not coming back, like ever!

She revealed this in a reply to a fan who said that he misses her on YouTube.


“Why did you stop YouTube gal? We miss you so much,” the fan wrote and Elodie replied with “Got tired of it. Won’t be coming back.”


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