Why fans are attacking Diana Marua

Things fall apart.

Diana Marua (Instagram)

Diana Marua is a lady under siege after fans started attacking her on social media.

‘Mama Heaven’ as she likes to refer to herself has had a rough couple of days after fans camped at her Instagram comment section accusing her of being ‘evil’ after she allegedly called the cops on Mr Seed’s pregnant fiancée Nimmo during the ‘EMB Jesus Party.’

News of the said incident came to the public domain after singer Ringtone revealed that the reason Mr Seed left EMB in a huff was that Diana disrespected his fiancée.

In an interview on Mambo Mseto, Seed confirmed the story and said the police were called on his fiancée but rather it wasn't by Diana as earlier thought but it was Bahati who call the cops.

 “What I can say ni kuwa anything yenye inasemekana is the truth, Diana hakutumana, orders zilikuwa zinatoka kwa Bahati. Mimi sina ubaya na anyone, hata hiyo siku nilipigia Bahati juu hakuwa amefika kwa show by that time, but kwa simu hatukuelewa juu alikata simu, so ikabidii ni mtext, kukakwa na vurugu mingi tu hapo katikati, but mimi before nitoke kwangu nilikuwa nimeomba sana , I spend like one hour praying juu in spirit nilikuwa na feel something wrong inaenda kuhappen, I really prayed about it na kufika hapo vitu mingi zilifanyika,” said Mr Seed.

Despite Mr Seed making the clarification, Diana is still bearing the brunt of the whole incident as the insults are getting saltier by the day.

While many would rush to defend their reputation, Diana seems to be taking her time on commenting on the whole matter. This is judging from a post she shared.

“The Sweetest Melody I Know... Patience,” read the enigmatic post.


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