Wilbroda speaks on return to Papa Shirandula months after leaving

She speaks!!

Wilbroda speaks on return to Papa Shirandula months after leaving

Comedian and Radio host Wilbroda has for the first time spoken on returning to Citizen TV comedy show Papa Shirandula, barely a year after she quit.

Speaking in an interview, the mother of one said that Papa Shirandula is a programme that is in her heart and the crew was like a family to her, and she would not hesitate to get back on the show.

She went on to say that after she quit radio Citizen for Milele FM owned by a different Media house, there were a few things that needed to made clear in her contract and if they are corrected, she would be back like she never left.

Wilbroda also made it clear that there was still an opening for her to go back, but only if the little things they disagreed on are clarified.

Kwanza naweza show ya Papa Shirandula iko kwa iko kwa heart yangu sana because the Papa Shirandula crew we are a family hata pale tulikuwa tukifanya shoot haikuwa ni job. Ulikuwa unaenda huko kuenjoy, kuunwind, kulikuwa na watu walikuwa wanakuja set na hawashoot hio siku. Wanacome tu kudandia lunch na at least tu kukaa na wasee and I was one of those people. So bado kuna opening ya mimi kurudi that tukakaa chini kwa negotiating table na tuset everything straight because a lot of times unapata watu wanatoka kwa hizi jobs because kuna a few things that you guys have not agreed on and especially because nilikuwa na move to a different media house. So there are a few things that need to be set straight, they are not things that cannot be worked out so nikirudi ntarudi. Na nikaambiwa nirudi, I would go back because iko kwa heart yangu. Kila mtu hukuwa Papa Shirandula from Papa himself, to the crew to everyone we are a family and they always will be my family,” she said.

Wilbroda quit from the Royal Media Services in July last year, alongside several other radio Citizen presenters who moved to Mediamax’s Milele FM.

Her move also saw her quit Citizen TV comedy show Papa Shirandula where she was one of the main casts.


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