How Willis Raburu celebrated 1-Year anniversary with wife


Willis and his wife Maryprudence are seen by many as the ‘perfect couple’. Apart from being just couples, they are friends who do everything together. They even attend the gymnasium together.

They have been open when it comes to displaying their love and affection in public. They celebrated their anniversary this past weekend in Nairobi's Parkinn hotel.

Willis Raburu who is also a show host skipped Ten over ten, a Friday night show which he hosts alongside Joey Muthegi. He however alerted his fans that he will not be present since he took some time off to be with his ‘babe’ as they celebrate 1 year in marriage.

The couple marked their special day by celebrating each other on social media. Maryprudence wrote:

“It’s one year now since I said I DO to this hunk of a man and believe me when I say it’s been very interesting.Dear Husband, Thank you for loving me Thank you for believing in me Thank you for holding me down when I thought I would lose it Thank you for seeking God for our family and I Thank God for giving me you as my husband honey, I Love you so much! It’s one year now  to many more I used to wonder what they meant by saying Marriage is a lot of work and it is meant for grownups, Believe me now I know”

The Hot 96 presenter did not leave anything to chance. His message was full of praise for his wife.

“I am normally very good with words, but it’s only your beauty that renders me speechless. I marvel at your heart and love for God, your love and respect for teach me so much, you inspire me, you pick me up, you are my number 1 fan, you got me and you are even more sexy when you pray. My personal bad gial, my comedian, my best friend. Like I said I get speechless but the words that I am forever grateful I spoke are: “I DO” I love you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,” Willis wrote.


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