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After 'marrying' Alaine, Pozze causes a stir (Photo)

Known as the bad boy of Gospel, Willy Paul has been the subject of envy and even admiration due to the publicity he gets with his stunts and scandals.

If he is not dressing up as Diamond, he is caught up in a scandal or releases a new song that will get people talking such as his ‘I Do’ song with Alaine. You would be hard pressed to find a day that goes by that Willy is not the subject of conversation.

And he was in usual form as he posed with another yellow-yellow babe which was not unusual. But his caption is what caused a stir on social media.

“I do.... a cold ka drink will kill the thirst…don't judge.”He captioned the image.


Which got the following reactions:

manuuh_muzioI:  see you do@willy.Paul.msafi

wannehud: You got judged kitambo till there's is nothing left to be said about you kinyonga wewe @willy.paul.msafi

kelvin_kelie@wannehud:  hahaha true...ths guy tkes God for granted...willy possessed wewe...saitan...

sharoonjala: Kumbukeni akina nani walimchanganya Willy then u won't judge him anymore..... Willy am praying for u but do what ur heart desire never let anyone or anything takes ur desire away from you.... @Willy


favourwajesus: Drink if you want,do whatever you want Bibilia inasema wakujitakaza na azidi kujitakaza na wakuzini azidi kuzini but dont be look warm,but remember who own your soul,Jesus is the owner,utasimamisha nini mbele za Mungu,dont turn away from God,because He never turned away from you

kahangijohn: Be quite for once Willy paul...

But Willy Paul did not remain quiet and sought controversy with this statement: The tribalism in the so Called gospel industry is too much for me to handle...


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