Halleluyah is not a gospel Song- Willy Paul comes clean

Willy Paul explains

Ringtone angers fans with claims of Nandy aborting Willy Paul's baby

Singer Willy Paul has been forced to explain if his latest song featuring songstress Nandy “Halleluyah” is gospel or not after it ignited a debate among his fans.

According to the Salido CEO, Halleluyah is purely a love song and not gospel and him being an artiste he is allowed to do anything with his art.

“Watu wengine wamezungumzia nyimbo yako ya Halleluyah featuring Nandy kuwa Jina pekee ndo gospel hili unasema aje? Willy was asked in recent Interview.

Pozee responded saying “It’s not a gospel song, but ni Love song, alafu you know mimi ni artiste naruhusiwa kuimba, unajua kwanza nikifanya na Rayvvany watu walishangaa sana, nimefanya na Nandy pia wameshangaa, sasa jua wameshangaa ya kutosha sijui next project watafanya nini sasa”.

Willy is among Musicians who are always under criticism every time they release a new project, with fans arguing that he ditched the gospel industry long time ago, and now he just uses it as an umbrella to cover his moves.


In many occasions, fans seems to disagree with the fact that Pozee continues to collaborate with secular artistes, when he still identifies himself as a minister of the word.

Others feel that his style of writing songs does not seek to glorify God, and he should change to reflect his status as a gospel artiste. 

Despite the discussion around his type of music, Willy Paul remains one of the artistes with most watched songs on YouTube.


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