The hot Tanzanian celebrity Pozze wants to marry (Photos)

Last year, Bahati professed his undying love for the beautiful Bongo babe Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michael who is a Tanzanian actress.

"Nikiweza mpata Lulu Elizabeth Michael nitatulia kabisa. Mtaacha kusikia nikiitwa single boy, Millard Ayo akileta #StoryZaBongo mwambieni nimemtuma apeleke hizi habari kwa Elizabeth Michael." He wrote. ( f I got to date Lulu Elizabeth Michael I would settle down. You would no longer hear people calling me a single boy. When Millard Ayo brings ##StoryZaBongo tell him I want him to relay this message to Elizabeth Michael.

Unfortunately for Bahati, the alluring actress declined his offer, but let him down easy with an ‘aww’ that insinuated that she was flattered and thought it was cute but he was too young.

Now Willy Paul has declared that he wants a Bongo girl too and her name is DJ Sinyorita the number one female DJ in Tanzania, who he vowed to settle down with if she let him in.

Speaking on Clouds TV, Willy revealed that he had already tried making his moves on Sinyorita only for her to ignore his request for her number; but Willy Paul has not lost hope that he would date Sinyorita. This revelation came after one of the hosts asked him when he will marry.

“Kusema kweli, Tanzania ndio naona Mungu ananiambia bibi ako huku. Kwanza kuna huyu Binti Sinyorita, nakwambia nilimwota kabla nimwone Instagram.” He said. (To say the truth God told me that I will get a wife in Tanzania. There is this lady called DJ Sinyorita, I dreamt of her before I saw her on Instagram.)

“Nitamgonja hadi kwa gate.”  He jokingly said when he was told that the DJ woks at Clouds TV too.

“Mpigie mistari.(Spits some lines)” One of the hosts urged him.

" Sinyorita najua kweli unataka, hata mimi huwa nataka, but nitasubiri…Sinyorita tulikuwa tunaongea Instagram ukaninyima number sababu hukuwa uajua nia yangu ni gani lakini  sasa unajua. Sasa unaona I’m a big deal, Mungu ameisaidia, kuja tusaidiwe na Mungu pamoja." He said. ( Sinyorita I know sometimes you want some, sometimes I also want too but we should wait until marriage. We talked on Instagram but you refused to give me your number because you didn’t know of my intentions, but now you know, as you can see, thanks to God, I’m a big deal, come and God shall help us succeed together.)


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