Things get ugly as Willy Pozze fights with popular blogger

The last week has not been a breeze for Willy Paul and his new song 'Tiga Wana' seems to have opened a can of worms.


From getting criticised for his 'ungodly song' to Ringtone firing some unfavourable accusations towards him; Willy Paul can’t seem to catch a break.

A day after the Ringtone attack, he seems to have been caught up in a situation with popular Instagram-mer Ashnaam.

It all started with Ashnaam criticizing Willy Paul’s new jam ‘Tiga Wana’ by writing

“BOOK OF JAMES 4:10 SAYS "Humble yourself before the Lord, and he will lift you"

It never said u humble yourself by putting on a Versace vest, Rolex watch and biting your 'gold chain'...

WILLY PAUL,WILLY POZZE.... @willypaulmsafi the latest hip hop king in Kenyan music industry. Please stop leading Kenyans in the wrong direction. Are a Gospel or Secular hip hop artist?? Kutoka Nairobi hadi Mombasa kwanini ulichanganywa na mabinti na si makanisa? Unless ulienda na ndege na ukachanganywa na hao cabin crew wa KQ...

But of all the ladies u r telling us about, how many did you manage to bring to church?? NONE

How many took you to ladies night with them? MANY The other weekend I saw your Mark X car parked in the parking lot of Mojos,next to @huddahthebosschick pink range rover, just some few meters away from my mkokoteni.

I went to run some errand around the place but of course Huddah MonHOE convinced you to be with her at the joint as her chips funga!!

Even though we are from different religious group, let me give you a free advice...

Go to church clean and neat but not while you look like Kendrick Lamar. Rugged, unfinished jeans ,J's on your feet, gold slug on your teeth....

Or just completely join Kenrazy and Visita uruke ruke hapo na short...ACHA KUDANGANYA WATU!!!”

Ashnaam then went to claim that Willy Paul had written a rude message to him calling him all sorts of unprintables so he shared the screen shot below and captioned it“Kaka braza kanitukanaREEE.... Gospel yawaREE... WILLY PAUL akona utotoREE.... #GodSaveThisKid I post what I want bro... I swear am not deleting the post!!!! Hata ufanye nini!!! “

In response to Ashnaam’s post, Willy Paul wrote

Why would someone even do this to me?? This has just come to my attention.. just because I've managed to stay without scandals someone somewhere is not happy!! What wrong have I done??

Someone has opened an account with my name and made all these up? You can all see that this is a lie... with the brains I have, why would I abuse someone like this?

The first question I would ask myself is what if they screen shot? This is a big lie and whoever you are God will deal with you. Please handle ur issues and leave me alone! I forgive you...

Weirdly enough, Willy Paul seems to have changed his IG profile picture and there is no other Instagram user with the name willypaulmsafi


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