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Willy Paul under fire after flaunting bundles of cash on Instagram (Video)

Fans go ham on Willy Pozee

Willy Paul. Willy Paul under fire after flaunting bundles of cash on Instagram.

On Wednesday, Willy, who is never shy from controversy elicited an endless discussion after the move.


Another section argued that he was arrogant and instead of showing off, he should use the money to help the less fortunate in the society.

A user identified as Ngereri said “People with money don’t show off young money we can see”

Another one added “Too much money but less is given back to the society mostly to street children orphans and needy, why why”

Kevin Kravit “Una post video Na ganji time Bahati ako busy kuhelp watoto mtaani .. Wacha kuwa mselfish .am out peace”

dstar_prince“ati you will keep shinning in Jesus is name...wewe don't use that name with your shit..while you show off ..we know you are rich..don't show us hiyo ni umama. .hiyo yote ni ya machiwawa wako..en we know wewe ni willy Paul mwenyewe umama ”


Felixgas “this is a free country you can do what you want,, live other people business alone ,,mind your”

diana_bosire35“It's normal to brag, I mean if I had that money OMG! I don't know what I would have done, 1st I would take a video just like  did for my Archives then from there I'll spend it on the needy, but picha lazima God will understand that amenitoa far and am showing off his blessings kwani iko nini! Keep shining ”



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