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Willy Paul’s controversial picture sends social media into frenzy

Are we all going to ignore the background?

The Yes I do singer is known as one of the artistes who loves pulling stunts and go scot-free with it.

In the picture, there is a lady behind him who seems as if she is doing dishes but she is facing off the camera showing off her behinds.


“Morning fam, it's another wonderful day that the Lord has given you... alll freeee... hit a like,” he captioned



Hehehe nn iko apo nyuma hahaha

hata huda ama vera hawaniwezi


I think someone taking a selfie must like have a better view before pressing that kaselfie button

it's deliberate AF

Behind every successful man

njiwa ya blue


Sema iyo haga iko hapo nyuma ndio ulikuwa unataka tuone

Hope ur paster (papa and mama) are reading this.......

tuko pamoja....ata sijawai comment kwa picha za Willy Paul au kusoma comments but for this I had to

pita nayo

Naona njiwa


Uko sawa bro.. indeed a wonderful day full of blessings and Surprises

Uko sure ni selfie ama booty shop tunaona uko

Boss....atukuoni.....uyo dame ako nyuma ndio tunaona

It's high time the Lord provides u with a wife.. Hiyo tabia ya kunyemelea matako za wenyewe utaacha!


We jamaa picha zako kishamba we msanii halaf picha mbaya hivyo

eeh..boss iyo bufee niaje

Wazi MA role model...... Nanayoo tuuu

Bidii yako kaka ikiweza

Naona matako sura imefichwa.. Apa tumechezwa


Despite constant criticism of his quality of music, with accusations of secularism emerging from various quarters, Willy Paul's songs have continued to perform well in the charts, mainly because of his strong appeal to a loyal youthful fan base.

Most recently, Jigi Jigi, his latest track, peaked at number one in all major charts in Kenya.


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