Willy Paul and ex-fiancée horribly attacked (Photo)

Fans went HAM on Willy Paul and his ex-fiancée.

“Of course there is a woman. Napanga ndoa.” He revealed on Kiss 100 before adding. “We have been dating for a while. Sijui the specific time but imekawia sana. I plan on marrying her because hakuna anything inaeza happen before ndoa.”

A few days after his surprising confession, Willy Paul was seen with his ex-fiance whom he broke up with for apparently being ‘advised wrongly’.“Am not getting married!!!Am too young I was being advised wrongly….by the wrong people…Am building my future.” Willy announced.

However, his ex-fiancée didn’t receive a warm welcome as people went HAM on her taking low blows at her looks, her slender frame and Willy Paul’s alleged penchant for skirt-chasing.

Tonie The Journalist wrote “Her nose is bigger than your brain.” with Gitonga Mwangi adding “She has a big nose. That will Inhale your music destiny.” It got rude from there with Thëë Dopest Kamba Böö writing “BroHoe enyewe appetite uko nayo si ety, another one.........otherwise hio mapua anaweza nusa harufu ya miguu ya shetani...”

James Kariuki decide to take shots at her slender frame by asking “Kwani you don't feed her?” while June Jepchumba wrote “Dem ni Haga.Miguu hata meza iko nayo”

Peter Karanja was however pleased that Willy Paul had found a hottie and was ‘representing team mafisi well’. “Hapo sawa Fisi. .represent us...kula wote bila huruma.”

Isaak Butali Millimo, however, was kind and he wrote “She's beautiful. Kenyan specialities wannabees and slayqueens are seriously putting down their critics on comments. What's always wrong with you? Wivu ni ya nini? Nyinyi endelea kujaza make up kwa sura. Looking good Willy. The lady is sooo lovely take her Home”

Korie Ruth then urged fans to leave Willy Paul alone“It’s been an hour na comments hapa ni za maajabu. Si you leave Pozze do some sampling. She is pretty Jigi jigi.”

The situation got so bad that Willy was forced to lock the comment section on Instagram.


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