Kenyans attack Willy Paul after buying his mother expensive gift

Willy Pozze in hot soup with a section of his fans

The star came under attack from his many Instagram followers who accused him for bragging on social media after gifting his mother with a new phone.

"Relaxing home after buying my mom a Samsung edge 8.... God keeps blessing me and my fans.. call me pozze mtoto wa Salome!!”” posted Willy Pozzee

This caption landed on the ears of his fans in different measures, as many thought Willy Pozzee was just bragging instead of doing big things for his mother.

One user by the name Princess Lynnkams blasted Willy Paul, telling him that he should have kept the news private and confidential.

“Its great but samthgs are kept private and confidential”

His fans kept on getting nasty with their comments on Willy Paul’s photo, with others demanding to see the mother with the phone.

“I wish this photo included the mom and the phone.... Juu sasa may be unabrag kitu hakuna” commented Shiroyalty

Another user CalmaxMuhali had this “Yako Samsung mama mwenye ulimkataa wongo mtupu hii”

“Those who donate kidneys to their parents wanacoment wapi”

“Lets first talk of your jeans, wtf is that? Ungemnunulia S7 pesa inabaki juu nunua jeans ya maana ngui!”

I hope umemjegea nyumba nzuri

Despite the attacks a from his fans Willy Paul ignored the hate and decide to reward his loyal fans with free tickets to the Wizkid Event that will be going down over the weekend.

“Morning my people.... other than just giving out tickets to the Wizkid show, I wanna take one or two fans to Mombasa for a treat. It’s a small world. What you do to a brother today, will be done unto you tomorrow. Blessings.” Captioned Willy Paul


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