The Willy Paul Samsung Challenge that every Kenyan is trying out [Photos]

The Willy Pozzee Challenge has taken over social media

Willy Pozzee action has sparked a challenge among social media users who are now trolling the star with funny comments in reference to his early actions.

The Internet has gone crazy and everyone is trying so hard to particulate in the #WillyPaulSumsumngChallenge.

A good number of Kenyans on Facebook and twitter has taken the challenge to new levels that will crack your ribs.

Pozzee has been the center of discussion especially on social media due to what his fans termed has bragging.

However, Willy Paul seems to be in love with the challenge and he is busy re-posting them on Instagram.

“How I laugh when I read comments.. I LOVE YOU MY WONDERFUL FANS”Captioned Willy


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