In case you missed it, here are the juicy details of Wizkid's Nairobi concert (Photos)

It was LIT!

And despite people grumbling earlier over the prices, the place was PACKED and not even the beating rain, biting cold and grubby mud could stop determined Kenyans from watching their favorite artiste in action.

H_art the band opened the show with a rousing performance in interesting outfits. Decked in overalls that maintained the simple aesthetic they are known for , H_art the band proved that they were the kids to watch out for as they performed smash hits like ‘Lovephobic’ and ‘Uliza Kiatu.’

Next on stage was Willy Paul who managed to entertain the mostly-drunk secular crowd with gospel songs. Kenyans can be a tough crowd to please and were already angst-y for Wizkid, but Willy demonstrated that he didn’t play second fiddle to anyone with his sick dance moves, energy and pizazz!

The pace had already been set and Fena Gitu brought her A-game and she was clearly a crowd favorite after her performances to her smashing hits ‘Sema Ng’we’ and ‘Kama Kawaida’. Dressed in a pair of snazzy shorts and a matching striped T-shirt, Fena looked stunning in her ensemble and coupled with a moving performance and great dancers, it was clear to see why Fena is one of the most sought after female artist in the country.

Next on stage was the king himself Nameless. I have never been to a Nameless performance (I know, shame on me) but I don’t think I will ever miss another following his sizzling performance. Decked in an flamboyant yellow outfit, Nameless was an energizer bunny on steroids and cavorted around stage giving a robust performance that was backed up by great dancers.

He may be clocking 40 but he is still as limber as he was when he was at 19, just check out this movement.

Next came in Gin ideal who wore a swanky pair of maroon velvet boots, a maroon duster coat and a whimsical onesie with a ruched back to cover up her modesty .She proved that though she wasn’t in the A-list yet she can also play with the big boys with a stirring performance and smashing outfit.

One of the biggest surprises of the night was a performance from Redsan who had not been slated in the poster that had been going around; but he was a special treat for the revelers who have never seen him perform in a long time. Despite his long hiatus, he managed to win his fans back with hits like ‘Badder than most’ and other monster hits that people still gravitate towards.

After Redsan left the stage, people were now really psyched up for Wizkid and the dilly-dallying from the MCees only aggravated the crowd that started impatiently chanting “Wizkid! Wizkid!” But it wasn’t time yet and the crowd had to wait a little bit more, but at around 1:25 a.m., Saturday, July the year of the Lord 2017, Wizkid came out.

I think one of the highlights of Wizkid’s performance was the fact that he performed in the rain. He wasn’t diva-ish about it and performed as the rain soaked him and his fans – and he killed it by the way.

To make up for the long wait, Daddy Yo treated his enthusiastic fans to an electrifying two hour performance. He was energized and engrossing as he performed all his songs that Kenyans sang along to word-for-word.

Africa’s Starboy was clearly feeling the energy that Kenyans were exuding because he even offered to perform a second set which was proof that we need to invest in Kenyan and African artistes who will give us our money’s worth.

After the performance, Wizkid brought out Sauti Sol and they announced that they have a new song coming out so we should keep our eyes on their social media pages for the release. I don’t know about you but a Sauti Sol and Wizkid banger will be fire.

Honorable mention for the night had to be the amazing décor for the VIP and VVIP sections. Big up to the décor team!

The only downside for the night however was as usual timing. The crowd was already ready for the main act and the teasing was a bit irritating. For the a thousandth time, Kenyans need to be better with their timing.


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