You are already too blessed - Size 8’s message to women waiting on children

You have the greatest treasure!

Size 8's special message to these people as she gets discharged from hospital

Gospel singer Linet Munyali popularly known as Size 8 has come out to advise women who are waiting to bear children to know that they are blessed, as long as they have Jesus in their life.

Mama Wambo went ahead to let them know that Jesus was the greatest treasure more than having children and more than having gold.

The ‘mateke’ hit maker urged the ladies not to look down on themselves or allow negative talk from people to put them down.

You see me pose with my kids but you don't have children never look down on yourself and don't allow negative talk from people put you down. Know that Jesus is the greatest treasure more than having children more than gold. As you wait for your promise of a child know that you are already too blessed as long as you have JESUS!!!! Smile now dance for you have the greatest Treasure,” read Size 8’s post.

Tough Pregnancy journey

This comes a few months after size 8 delivered a bouncing baby boy, Muraya Junior after a tough pregnancy journey that saw her hospitalized severally.

Size 8, who delivered her second child at week 34, disclosed that the pregnancy was life threatening and that’s why doctors opted for a C-section in order to save both lives.

“Don’t take baby showers for granted. Learn to appreciate everything in life because for me this pregnancy is a miracle. I almost died several times coz ya hii mimba,” said Size 8 in a video.

The mother of two had also put up a video documenting the struggles they have been through with the pregnancy, to the delivery room in an emotional 12 minutes video.

“My darkest moment I was unwell myself in the NICU unit at @rfh_healthcare my baby born earlier than expected weeks before the due date and so rushed into the machines!!!! A moment even darker when there was a slight emergency that my baby needed some oxygen intake urgently but through it all GOD DID IT!!!!!!! In a little know hospital in ruai that is @rfh_healthcare God did it!!!!! GOD ALONE!!!!! We are alive by His grace alone!!! A MIRACLE CHILD I NOW CARRY IN MY ARMS!!!! Thank you so much to Dr. Opondo the pediatrician who was around at odd hours as late as 2am and your team nurse Lucy and ICU nurse Thomas!!!! ...... Glory to God,” added Size 8.


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