You will never amount to anything in life - Donald Kipkorir tells Itumbi

Heated argument.

Kipkorir and Itumbi (Courtesy)

Things got a little bit heated after flamboyant Nairobi lawyer Donald Kipkorir described Media Council of Kenya’s decision to tame New York Times as ‘engaging in puerile (immature) stands’.

The vocal lawyer was of the opinion that the media council should pick on someone their own size as engaging the powerful conglomerate is pointless.

“In threatening The New York Times, Media Council of Kenya is engaging in puerile stands. It’s like Kenya threatening US or Burundi threatening France. Some threats are just stupid! NYT apologized. The Owner of NYT is as rich as Kenya. We should look for our playmates,” read Kipkorir’s tweet which has been liked more than 1,100 times.

Itumbi then replied to Donald tweet by writing “@ahmednasirlaw is richer than you and handles legal briefs of higher stature than you. He did not steal from the defunct Kenya Post and Telecommunication either. But when he tweets something you disagree with you tweet back his wealth notwithstanding!”

A tweet that seemed to anger Kipkorir who got very personal in his reply.


1. Your malevolence against me is bec I’ve refused to be your friend.

2. Ahmednasir is my Friend.

3. I’ve never taken handouts.

4. I’ve never stolen .. Will never steal.

5. You will never amount to anything in life .. you will always be an errand boy & a Media terrorist,” read the savage reply.

Itumbi then replied with “ I accept your prophecy. At least I am something in your view. Mtu wa kutumwa. Mtu wa mkono. Na Niko sawa. Jeremiah 29.11 - " For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”…At least you do not struggle to know I am a hustler. I struggle to know any case you argued in court NOT Twitter. Meanwhile, @nytimes has agreed with those who will amount to nothing -in their response they now say, they will standardize their journalism.”


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