Youthful Kasarani pastor Ken Gomeri exposed for taking advantage of High School girls

The industry is rotten; "He demanded a five-some with us"

Ken Gomeri

Toboa by Xtian Dela, a Telegram channel has exposed the rot in our society, more so in the Kenyan Gospel Industry as users tend to share their experiences in the hands of the trusted men of God, who turned out to be predators instead of preachers of the word.

Over the weekend another exposé made it to the Public, revealing the true colours of a Kasarani Youthful Pastor By the name Ken Gomeri.

A Lady identified as Purity, narrated how the pastor has been taking advantage of young high school girls. In her narration the girl explained that Gomeri tried to lure them into a five-some with two of her friends in one of his high school mission.

Purity, mentioned that Gomeri is a predator who prey on Young girls during his school missions, where he appears as a Hockey Coach and motivational speaker.

The Kenyan gospel industry is a disaster waiting to happen and is unfolding one scandal after another, exposing a web of deceit, sex scandals, controversial lifestyle and promiscuous ‘born again’ who are now painting a different pictures from what they stand for.

The Gomeri expose comes days after musicians HopeKid and DK Kwenye Beat were also put on the radar for duping a Nakuru lady into a threesome and infecting her with a HPV, a cancer causing virus.

Her is Purity’s Narration on Pastor Ken Gomeri

Twitter Thread from Purity


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