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YouTube couple AlphaBeta addresses break up claims

The Kenyan couple broke the internet in 2018 with a daring maternity shoot.

Alpha Beta (Instagram)

Towards the end of 2018, fans thought that they had seen the last of AlphaBeta, a popular couple on YouTube.

Rumours started flying around that Maureen Waititu and Frankie JustGymIt had split and that meant the end of their channel as we know it.

The rumours were fueled by a Q&A session with Maureen where a fan asked: “Are you and Frankie still together?”


Maureen replied with “So many of you have asked me this question and I must admit that I have been deliberately ignoring it. However, I promise that this will be addressed when I am ready.”

A comment that hinted that things were not okay. And as we have now come to learn, the couple had a rough patch towards the end of 2018.

This was revealed in their latest Vlog where the couple come out to address rumours of their breakup.

“Towards the end of the year, our love was tested.


Whereby we were like ‘What do we do where do we go?’. We tried to really suppress it but my social media activities may have brewed a bit of speculation about what has been happening. People have been asking ‘Are you guys okay?’ We are only addressing this because you have walked with us through this journey. But the most important thing is to note that we are a couple like any other we have our ups and downs and we hit down because of many factors. We are parents to a second born, work, finances, everything brought us apart and also a lot happened in between that we were feeling that we are not appreciating each other, there was a lot of emotional and mental downfalls. (But) We are becoming better individuals for ourselves, each other and these boys who we brought into this world,” Maureen disclosed.

“It kind of came out on social media in a way that it was exaggerated and speculated upon. 2019 is looking good on our end, we are very excited about it, both in our own ventures and also together as a family,” Frankie added.

Daring maternity shoot

The popular Kenyan couple broke the internet in 2018 with a daring maternity shoot.


In the African king and queen themed shoot the couple was draped in beautiful body paint, luxurious clothing and brass accessories.


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