Popular lifestyle vlogger Joan Obwaka-Munyi aka Yummy Mummy is expecting her 3rd child. In a post on Instagram, Joan told her fans that it’s not a food baby, she is expecting a real baby.

“Not just a food baby. And I am no longer just pregnant with expectation. Happy to announce that Zach and I are expecting our third child. Baby dropping Jan 2020! “We prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted us what we asked of him." - 1 Samuel 1:27,” wrote Joan.

Yummy Mummy (Instagram)
Yummy Mummy (Instagram)

Shortly after breaking the good news, congratulatory messages were already streaming in from fans and celebrities alike.

“Congratulations mami welcome to the pregnancy gang,” wrote Milly Wa Jesus.

“Amazing. Pop those babies till you drop. 3 more to go,” commented Bien from Sauti Sol.

“IMAGINE I HAD A VISION. Joan!! Haungengoja I make the prophesy ndio I start a kanisa in the near future? Hehehehe. Congratulations mama! So happy for you!” Patricia Kihoro wrote with fellow YouTuber Maxine Wabosha adding “Congratulations.”

Tall Order

Yummy Mummy pregnant (Instagram)
Yummy Mummy pregnant (Instagram)

Yummy Mummy revealed that she is close to the end of her first trimester and keeping this pregnancy a secret was a tall order as her fans kept hitting her up and asking if she is pregnant.

“Every single time I have a Q&A or every time I open my DMs people are like, ‘Are you pregnant? You haven’t been posting any full-length pics. You are glowing are you pregnant? Oh my gosh, you have put on weight, you seem kind of pregnant.’ 

Keeping pregnancy a secret is quite hard, I am actually proud for making it until now. I’ve told a few people, mostly family and close friends but I am actually surprised that I have managed to keep it off Instagram and YouTube until this point which is pretty cool. I’m almost done with the first trimester and I feel my energy coming back and I feel more like myself, ” she revealed.

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