Actress does not subscribe to marrying before child birth - here is why

The Ghanaian movie star does not believe in the societal rule that places value on getting married before having children.

The movie star covered the pages of lifestyle and fashion news platform, Wow Magazine, where she shared details about her past relationship with men which led her to make some unique decisions which will cause one to raise a brow.

Having a baby was an ambition she had been nursing since she clocked 29, but that hardly provided the needed motivation to accept the proposal of a man who wanted her to relocate to London, England.

Despite her desire to get hitched at the time, she could not fathom having to make such change all because of a man.

A few years down the line, she has a protruding belly as a result of her pregnancy just like she had been anticipating, but marriage is not on her list of offers. According to the actress, finding someone with an assurance of happiness is what really counts.

Getting a ring on one's finger is only just a physical activity and does not guarantee fulfillment, she submitted.

After confirming that she was knocked up, the major challenge for Nelson seemed to be how she to disclose the news of her pregnancy to her traditional mother who was first shocked by the idea but has now proved to be quite supportive.

The actress gathered attention over rumours that she was expecting a child but she maintained a rather coy stance making sure to confirm nothing. Instead, she promised to address her fans concerning the matter at a later date.


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