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KTN’s Yvonne Okwara opens up about marrying a man 16 years her senior

KTN’s Yvonne Okwara has spoken about her marriage to Andrew Matole

A love story which culminated in a low-key wedding held at held at Nairobi's Crowne Plaza hotel.

Despite their attempts to keep their wedding as private as possible, people had their noses in the wedding between the then 31-year-old TV bombshell and the 47-year-old veterinary. And the bone of contention was the 16 year age gap between the lovebirds.

Speaking during an interview with SDE, Yvonne has finally addressed all the foul talk that hounded her marriage at its infancy stages.


“People talked. People said things. That’s what comes with having a job in the limelight, but again, no one lives my life but me. My husband is my best friend, we get along incredibly well, and none of these other issues have ever mattered.” Yvonne affirmed.

And that ‘let-people-talk’ mode of thinking also translates into societal pressures on her bearing kids. While most celebrities have been badgered by society and fans who ask them when they are getting kids or when they are getting married Yvonne maintains that that societal pressure does not apply to her.

Asked whether she feels any pressure to have children Yvonne said “Not at all. It will happen if it’s meant to happen. I really, truly, don’t take to any societal pressures. Ever. Because I’m such an intrinsic person, if there’s ever any pressure, it would have to be from myself. Never from the outside world.”


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