Meet the 'wifey' to Saitoti's son (Photos)

He who finds a wife finds a good thing...

Zachary Saitoti

If the name Elektra sounds familiar to you, you probably know Zachary’s ‘wifey’ from her days as DJ Elektra and as the owner of the popular bar, Liqors Mobile bar which usually serves alcohol at events held at Zachary’s Shift Eye Gallery.

DJ Elektra honed her Deejaying skills at the famous Code red DJs owned by DJ Stylez as DJ Kryptonite which came from her childhood nickname. She then switched up her name to DJ Elektra after watching the movie Elektra about a superhero who survives a near-death experience and becomes a contact killer before switching up to a hero.

DJ Elektra just like the character she was named after decided to fly solo and establish herself as one of the most popular DJs in the country.

She later established the Liqors Mobile bar in Hurlingham Nairobi. Here are more photos of the stunning lady:


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