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Diamond, Zari Hassan claps back at their haters with bitter words [Video]

The Power couple are tired

The hit-Maker of “Halleluyah” has slammed people who hate him for no good reason. According to him he only focus on people who love him and his haters should channel  the energy on making money.

“You don’t need to hate me because I don’t hate you. By the way I don’t f**king know you. The person that hates me I don’t know you. I only know people who love me because I concentrate on the people who love me, who support me."says  Diamond in the Video

He added that those hating on him are just bitter that he is successful and they cant match his success.


“If you hate me f**k you I don’t know you. You don’t need to stress me up because I know you must be broke. If you are not broke then no way you can hate me. If you hate me you are motherf**king broke. And if you are broke you can’t stress me up because I gotta money more than you, I gotta cars more than you, I gotta houses more than you ans you and tour family know that.” Na nyinyi mnao nichuki endeleeni kunichukia manake mwaka huu ndo nafanya ajabu mengi."

Zari Hassan also took to her social media pages to clap back at haters who were referring to her as an idler at the Late Ivan Ssemwanga’s college in South Africa.

According to Zari, lots of people were accusing her of being an idler who is always taking pictures in the office instead of working.

“Ati what time do you work while you always taking pics..... Shortly before I start or right after am done.... learn to priorities. Just because I post them during the day doesn't mean I spend the whole day taking them. This was before my reception staff got here 7.10am. Washamba nyinyi. you gon learn”Wrote Zari Hassan



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