Sisi sio Malaya - Zari Hassan defends herself after 'everyone is a prostitute' remarks

Zari was with Akothee!

Sisi sio Malaya - Zari Hassan defends herself after 'everyone is a prostitute' remarks

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has come out to defend herself, after her remarks that everyone is a prostitute.

In a post seen by, the mother of five who made the remarks together with another said she only used the statement as an example.

She went on to ask people to respect their fellows’ lives because everyone is undergoing a struggle.

Ms Zari sent a warning to vloggers and gossip pages to stop selling lies for follows and clicks, adding that whoever calls anyone a prostitute, it begins from their family.

"Sisi sio Malaya, Wala, that was an example for you to stop calling everyone Malaya. Women are struggling to raise children single handedly in this 21st Century and all you can say is #Malaya!!!!!! Really? Come on now, y'all can do better. Everyone is facing challenges and struggles. Respect people's lives before you go 'for more info about Zari subscribe to my YouTube channel, what Channel? One selling lies for likes and follows. Hope you rot in hell) And if the women are malayas what do you call your dads, brothers, uncle's, nephews etc who buy? It all starts with your family members. So your clan is Malayas too. Stop it," said mama Tee (Zari)

Zari and Akothee had earlier on responded to bloggers and other people who referred to them as prostitutes for having children with different men, who are also rich.

Malaya wa mta, malaya wa chips na beer, malaya vvip lol🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ps, its my phone, my bundles and i have too much time till the 6th Jan 2020 cc @akotheekenya and if you are depressed because of another woman's success, lets take you out with @akothesafaris,” said Zari in another post.


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