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Diamond’s special gift to Zari Hassan hours after landing in South Africa [photos]

Has Babu Tale managed to reconcile Diamond and Zari?

An excited Zari announced Diamond’s presence via her snap Chat after sharing a collection of gifts she had received from the father of her two Kids.

“This Coco is everything. New babies to my collections. Thank You Baba Nee," Wrote Zari.


She went ahead to share another post that appeared like she was checking on her Baby Daddy after months of not seeing each other “Babe….How have you been friend."


Diamond’s manager Babu Tale, who has been camping at Zari’s place in Pretoria, also hinted the the “Iyena” hit maker was in South Africa, after sharing a photo while posing with Zari at her home.

In the caption, Tale gave Photo Credits to Lukamba, who happens to be Diamond’s official Photographer.

" photo by ” reads caption in Babu Tale’s photo.


Lukamba travels everywhere with Diamond and if he was taking pictures at Zari’s home, it must ring a bell that his Boss was in the same location with him ( Lukamba and Diamond were together in London over the weekend).

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In his update, the Manager revealed that Diamond had not been in communication with his ex-wife and kids since their break up.

He added that he wanted Ms Hassan to settle her differences with Diamond for the sake of their children who were still young.


“Kilichonileta South Africa si kumleta Zari Kwa Diamond, la! Kilichonisukuma ni watoto , maana watoto wanahitaji mapenzi ya Baba yao, kwa hiyo nimeongea na Zari kuwa you guys need to settle your differences, maana watu huachana lakini still they talk, Wanazungumza kuhusu familia zao zinaendelea aje, Nashukukuru Mungu Zari amenielewa na pia nimempigia Diamond simu na pia amenielewa. Kwa miezi mitano yoyote hiyo iliyopita, Diamond hajaongea na watoto wake. Na hili ndo lilikuwa linaniuma sana” said Babu Tale.


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