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Why I refused to marry Diamond – Zari Hassan

She comes clean!!

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South Africa based Ugandan business woman and socialite Zarinah Hassan who is popularly known as Zari has for the first time disclosed why she refused to get married to baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview with Millard Ayo TV, the mother of five said that after reports of Diamond cheating and having a baby with Hamisa Mobetto, Zari flew to Mombasa where she met Diamond and they talked about everything and made peace.

When she got back to South Africa, she carefully thought about it and broke off the relationship.


The Brooklyn City College CEO narrated how few months after the February breakup, Diamond kept insisting that she accepted Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan because he (Diamond) wanted his children to grow close but Zari refused because she had not healed from the break up.

She went on to say that Diamond then asked that they get married to stop people from talking about them, a few months after they parted ways, which she also refused to give into because her trust had been broken.

According to Zari, she refused because she was not desperate and marrying him was not going to change a thing, if Chibu himself was not ready to change his behavior. She added that she has evidence of all this and if Diamond says she is lying she will share it with the public.

Mama Tee let’s get married you know when we get married we are going to shut them up. Nikamwambia Naseeb, it’s not an issue of you getting married to me, the issue is you. Even if you married me today and you are still not changing your behavior, it’s not going to change anything… I’m not desperate… zilikuwa kwenye chat, sio call so that if today you ask me for evidence itakosa, it’s on WhatsApp and if he says it’s not true I will screenshot for you those WhatsApp messages,” she said.


Blocking Diamond

In the interview, the Ugandan socialite also explained the reason as to why she decided to block her baby Diamond Platnumz with their children’s Instagram accounts.

Zari said that an incident occurred one time while she was away for work and Nillan was playing with one of her phones and he accidentally sent messages to Diamond and all people in the Direct Message (DM)

Diamond then responded telling her that she had not forgotten about him, words that Zari did not take lightly and decided to block the Tanzanian singer, just to avoid any such incidences from occurring in future.


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