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Zari Hassan goes into prayer and fasting over dead beat fathers

Prayer and fasting mission.

Zari (Instagram)

A few weeks after claiming that she is the sole financial provider for her kids, Zari has now embarked on a prayer and fasting mission to rebuke dead beat fathers.

The mother-of-five, who has kids with the late Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga and Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz, shared a post on social media asking her fans to join her.

“Good morning fam, join me this week as I fast renouncing and rebuking generational curses of diabetes, cancer, dead beat fathers, Satanism to mention a few, Amen,” read her post.


Following this latest post, fans have been left wondering out loud if Diamond is a deadbeat dad as this is the 3rd time the latter's credibility as a good dad has been put into question.

In a BBC interview following their split in 2018, Zari disclosed that Diamond had not contacted nor seen his kids since their split.

“Diamond has not visited nor talked to his children since the break-up. If he wants to support his children he can do that but if he doesn’t want to its still okay. I can manage on my own,” Zari said in the tell-it-all interview.


Ivan Ssemwnaga’s children

Though she has hinted that Diamond doesn’t take care of his kids, the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s kids are secured financially. This is because he left his kids with some profitable businesses which included some colleges in South Africa and other property in Uganda. Businesses Zari will run till her sons come of age.

“Obviously when it comes to the businesses, I will continue handling them since I’m the mum. I will run the colleges in South Africa, he has two properties one in his name, one in both our names. I have my own property which I’m renting and will continue managing,” Zari said on Millard Ayo TV following Ivan’s death.

She then went on to add “We will take it one day at a time to keep his legacy going.”


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