It’s not easy to get rid of me – Zari Hassan

Zari makes another revelation

She however said that as for her, it would not be that easy to have her replaced adding that she has always been the foundation to every success and not the roof, as she shared throwback photos of her late ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga with her.

Here is her post;

“Pale unaposkia pesa za urithi... apo vipi. Success isn’t sexually transmitted my dear. Endeleeni kudanga thinking some rich guy will knock you off your feet and success will happen overnight. Even if he did you will be like part of the furniture he has a right to take out old ones and bring in new ones, as for me it’s not easy to get rid of me. IAM THE FOUNDATION not the roof...haha.

Poor thing worked day and night to get me this car at 22 because he saw the woman in me. And yes, it didn’t work out no matter how much I tried, Started from the bottom, right! Rest his soul in peace!" she said.

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