Zari Hassan breaks silence over Tanasha Donna’s pregnancy

She opens up!!

Zari Hassan speaks on Tanasha Donna’s pregnancy for the first time

Ugandan business woman and socialite Zari Hassan has for the first time spoken on Tanasha Donna’s pregnancy.

Speaking while in Mombasa where she had landed for a women empowerment conference, Zari said that someone had mentioned the issue of Tanasha’s pregnancy and it kept ringing in her head.

She went on to say it was beautiful to be pregnant and even congratulated the two (Tanasha and Diamond) for the pregnancy.

The mother of five who was speaking via Akothee’s Instagram live feed also stated that it was another thing having a baby with a deadbeat father of three and it keeps her wondering where Tanasha’s priorities are.

A rather tipsy Zari Hassan further said that she hoped Tanasha has enough money to take care of the child, because Diamond Platnumz is who he is.

Somebody is saying Tanasha is pregnant this comment keeps running you know. It’s cool, it’s beautiful to be pregnant, and it’s a beautiful thing. But it’s also one thing when you have to give birth to a deadbeat of three you know. So, it leaves me questioning where your priorities are but you know what, congratulations. I really hope you have enough money in the bank to take care of this child you know coz he is who he is,” she said.

Mama Tee then said that she would only get pregnant again after she gets married to the love of her life.

In the live feed, Zari also announced that she would be getting married on July 18, which is the Nelson Mandela Day.

According to Zari, they chose the day because it will be a beautiful day to remember their marriage as the world will be remembering the good Nelson Mandela did for Africa.

I’m about to get married and me and my fiancé are thinking of Nelson Mandela Day because it will be a very beautiful day to remember our marriage because Nelson Mandela did a lot for Africa not just South Africa. So i'm official gonna get married on Nelson Mandela Day,” she said.


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