Top 6 celebrities who like to flaunt their wealth on social media (Photos)

They live by the saying ‘If you got it flaunt it’.

Whether its trips to exotic locations or designer bags and cars, these celebrities have gotten it down to a T.

Below are celebrities who like to flaunt their wealth on Social Media especially Instagram.

1. Sonal Maherali

The fashion blogger goes by the moniker ‘Luxury Youtuber’ and trust me this lady walks the ‘luxury’ talk. From Hermes bags to Christian Louboutin pumps to 2018’s must-have bag the Gucci bumbag, Sonal has charted her way up the fashion ladder with her fashion-forward style.

When it comes to luxury items no one does it like Sonal as she has got the money to back up her expensive tastes. Tastes that have earned her the fashion elite status.

But don’t be fooled by her flamboyant lifestyle, Sonal is a sweetheart with an adoring fan base.

2. Zari Hassan

Mama Tiffah is the queen of designer bags. We have seen the Boss Lady flaunt YSL Bags, Gucci bags and her favourite, Louis Vuitton bags.

She also takes to social media to show off her expensive jewellery, designer items she has bought for her kids and her brand new Audi Q7 and Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI which she bought last year.

3. Steve Mbogo and his wife Nina

The Mbogo’s have a penchant for the finer things in life and they have no qualms when it comes to flaunting their hard earned wealth.

From their luxury cars to the latest iPhones, to Michael Kors watches and Christian Louboutin shoes, Steve and his wife take the cake for being the most flamboyant couple on Kenyan social media.

Steve Mbogo may have been criticized in the past for exaggerating how much he owns but that has not stopped them from flaunting their lifestyles on social media.

4. Prezzo

Prezzo’s claim to fame and his longevity in an industry where you are tossed out like stale milk can be attributed to how hard he balls. Prezzo is showbiz and showbiz is Prezzo.

When he is not creating controversy, he casually posts photos of his wealth that includes wads of cash, designer shoes, cars and even guns that includes an AK-47 rifle plated in Versace gold and Rolexes.

He also brought the ‘show’ into Kenyan showbiz by making a grand entrance in a chopper from Wilson airport to the Carnivore grounds during the Chaguo La Teeniez awards back in 2003. 3 years later, he dropped a video worth Kshs. 500,000 which was a huge deal since musicians back then rarely spent that much on music videos.

5. Akothee

Madam Boss’ flamboyant lifestyle is well documented on social media, from trips to exotic locations to shopping in exclusive stores; the singer has given her fans a look at what life is like when you are a boss lady.

As we all know, every boss lady has a castle where she lays her head and for Akothee its 3 homes located in 3 counties. Akothee owns a huge mansion in Rongo which she allegedly shelled out 100 Million Kshs for, a beachfront home at the Kenyan North Coast worth 120 Million Kshs and a house in Nairobi worth approximately 80 million Kshs.

In addition, Akothee has displayed her luxurious cars, big boy yachts and expensive Porsche sunglasses worth Sh830, 000 Kshs. After performing in Dallas U.S.A Akothee decided to reward herself with a very simple dress that is worth about 48,000 Kshs. Taking to Instagram, Akothee flaunted the dress before revealing how much it costs.

But that’s not all, Akothee’s manager disclosed that the star spared no expenses when it came to her song ‘Oyoyo’ with MC Galaxy. The Akothee Safari’s owner shelled out a cool 5 Million for the video that was shot in Kisumu.

6. Vera Sidika

This list wouldn’t be complete without one Vera Sidika who has regaled fans with private jet trips, trips to the Maldives and designer items like her Giuseppe Zanotti Women's Cruel Summer Sandals, Gucci bags and a pair of designer socks which she disclosed cost her 11,000 Kshs. For a PAIR OF SOCKS.


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