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Use a condom - Diamond agrees with Zari's advice (Video)

Chibu Dangote Finally gives in!!!

In a candid interview with 247HH, the “Sikomi” hit maker has disclosed how cheating on his then Wife Zari Hassan without a condom messed up his love life.

Before giving in, Chibu had denied having an affair with Hamisa forcing her to release their intimate photos on social media.


“So I had a side chick and My girlfriend never knew about that, she used to hear aboiut that and I used to deny when she used to ask me if I had any side chick you no me I could not do that, . The side chick got pregnant   and she asked me about that and I said I don’t know anything about that. And when she delivered and they started urging on social media, my girlfrein telling that sidechick that there is no way my man is going to date with you. Go find the father of that kid, the aurgument got bigger and then side chick decided to release the video clips when we were in the room sleeping.  That was the bad moment in my life. Ity was really bad, and she was in South Africa and I was Tanzania so I had to write a big message explaining myself that you know when someone loves you there is no why they can tell you the Truth," said Diamond.

"I went straight to a radio station for a big interview that everyone was listening to, it was very bad sometimes I don’t even think about that, But I love that kid they are all my kids now and am trying my level best to give all my kids the love they deserve. Of course from there I have learned something, and not even me I think I should tell my friends watching me that no matter when you have a wife, or you just have a girlfriend when you have a side chick make sure you always use a condom so that it can protect you”  he added.

Diamond's confession

“For the guys I’m not gonna say cheat as much as you want but if you have to, try and condomize because not only are you gonna have unwanted babies but you are going to end up with HIV, STDs and not only that, you are gonna end up bringing to the next person at home who is sitting there waiting for you to come home,” she said.


“And now if both of you are infected with these diseases who’s gonna take care of your young babies coz you are all over the show doing whatever you want to do but what about the other person? Are you thinking about your kids? Okay it’s for you to have fun why do you have to let it to be out there in the public and you are not using protection and the receipts is the evidence, the evidence comes out because now there is babies being made and what are doing with your life?”said Zari in an interview with Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu



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