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Zari Hassan rare advice to women as Diamond enjoys new love

Zari's advise

The tycoon has portrayed she is a strong woman. Even after losing her mother, father to her kids and being dumped by her other babies’ daddy Diamond Platnumz she has remained unassailable.

The mother of five has given her fellow women a strong and rare counsel and it has impressed her Instagram fans.

Zari told her female fans to always carry their bags whenever they go and they should offer to pay the bills because it intimidates men. She added that men are tired of women who are always financially dependent on them.


Her post read:

“Always carry the bag and offer to pay the bill, it intimidates them. It also adds value, men are tired of financially clingy women. Show him you gat it under control. If he insists, offer to to go half way!”

The two ex-lovers (Diamond and Zari) have in the recent past have disagreed and lashed each other out recently. Diamond through his social media said that his mother brought him up and is a believer that a woman is a good leader who can foster development and bring happiness in this world. He then asked his fans to tag all women who love development so that they attend an event organized by his friend. The event is dubbed ‘Wonder Woman.’

It did not take long before Zari lashed back and lambasted him. She wrote:

“Some managers need to do quality assurance before their artistes’ utter nonsense for public whatever. When last did you see your kids? I bet they forgot all about you dummy. Think b4 you caption. Idiot. Mxuiiiiii,”


Zari dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day of 2018. Diamond’s constant cheating with different women was the reason why she decided to call it quits. Her decision was however catapulted after photos of Diamond and Wema Sepetu cuddling surfaced online.

Months later Diamond seems to have found new love. He posted videos of him cuddling with his baby mama Hamisa Mobeto and one other mysterious woman.


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