Zari's message to unfaithful men after break up with Diamond

She landed in Kenya on Thursday

“For the guys I’m not gonna say cheat as much as you want but if you have to, try and condomize because not only are you gonna have unwanted babies but you are going to end up with HIV, STDs and not only that, you are gonna end up bringing to the next person at home who is sitting there waiting for you to come home,” she said.

“And now if both of you are infected with these diseases who’s gonna take care of your young babies coz you are all over the show doing whatever you want to do but what about the other person? Are you thinking about your kids? Okay it’s for you to have fun why do you have to let it to be out there in the public and you are not using protection and the receipts is the evidence, the evidence comes out because now there is babies being made and what are doing with your life?” said Zari in an interview with Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu.


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