Zari’s perfect response after being called a ‘mshamba’ by Bongo actress

Zari vs Faiza.

In a post, Faiza accuses Zari of looking down on Tanzanians and accused her of being a Ugandan villager. “Na zaidi anazarau sana watanzania..halafu mie namuonanaga mshamba tu na style zake za kishamba,” Faiza commented.

As expected Zari had a withering response to it and she made it clear that she is okay with being branded a villager (mshamba). She then went to add that words do not matter to her as even lessos have them. So she is more concerned with getting the money rather than what people say.

“Mshamba wakiganda, alafu mie napenda ushamba wangu. Twende kazi.... maneno ata kwa kanga yapo... secure the bag,” She wrote.

This is not the first time Faiza has clashed with Zari. When Zari was appointed as the Softcare Brand Ambassador, Faiza was among the first celebrities to gripe about it. She expressed that the ambassadorial role rightfully belonged to a Tanzanian and not Zari Hassan who is Ugandan.


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