Zari Hassan’s heartfelt letter to daughter Tiffah Dangote, hours after lecturing trolls

When they come for you, I will go after them- Zari to Tiffah

princess Tiffah with her Mother Zari Hassan

Business woman Zari Hassan has penned down a heartfelt letter to her four-year-old daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote, stating that she was born to stand out and not to fit.

In her 164 worded letter, Ms Hassan showered the young Tiffah with praises, promising to deal with trolls who are always hating on her.

Letter to Tiffah Dangote


Dear beautiful daughter of mine, your beautiful, confident, intelligent, smart, special, different. Your gifted. You were born to stand out not to fit. Your talented and the whole world is ready for you. You are everything they are not and that makes them fear, because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing, if its an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be, the world already has so many fakes/copies. The world needs naturals like you...... mama gatchu always💕.

When they come for you, ill go after them but then again its just a matter of time before you handle ya biness. God built you strong, you'll concur✊. And when you do, it will be the same people sitting back watching your success in dismay. Do you, dont let them tell you otherwise. 98% of time never take advice from failures..... Ps; mama loves that person--ality👌” reads Zari letter to Tiffah.

Lecturing Trolls

The letter comes hours the mother of five lectured Tanzanians in a bitter rant over what she termed as people intruding her life and dictating how she should live.

Mama Tee mentioned that just because she is in good terms with the father of her kids doesn’t mean that they are back together, making it it clear that they are just co-parenting to ensure their kids are accorded the required parental love.

“And to set the record very straight am not back with Diamond, Diamond is not back with me, we are co-parenting. There are two kids involved, we both realized out mistakes and out priority right now is our kids. He gonna fetch tham , he gonna sent someone to take them or I’m gonna sent them with my bother to come to Tanzania, it’s how it’s supposed to be its called a parental plan, sio lazima kurudiana,” Zari added.

No Coaching

She also quashed reports that she always coaches Tiffah when it comes to what to say to her father on the phone.

“Tiffah doesn’t need to be told what to say. When the camera is rolling she knows what to say. You don’t even need to say anything to Tiffah. This a four-year-old saying what comes to her mind, she is smart, beautiful, she is smart she doesn’t need to be told what to say. I’m not gonna seat here and watch you diss my child that ooh she got an attitude, she is special, confident, she is everything, you guys are not,” said Zari in her bitter rant.


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