Zari’s naughty comment about Akothee’s breasts excites fans

Zari Hassan and Akothee enjoy a close relationship.

Akothee (Instagram)

A relationship that was forged after Diamond’s collabo with Akothee. From sending each other beautiful birthday wishes to defending each other on social media, the two have become thick as thieves.

And as expected of close friends, there are some naughty comments they exchange such as this naughty comment Zari sent Akothee.

“I love the gals... they firm,” read Zari’s cheeky comment which excited a number of fans and had Akothee blushing a little.

“Banange so am not the only one who wanted to say so,” one fan wrote with another adding “I was shy to say this outfit for the past two days I was just seeing DA PERFECT GALZ!!!!!!!?”

"@zarithebosslady I need to firm my girls like hers @akotheekenya leta siri,” a lady wrote with another adding “Yeah can’t help but stare and admire.”

Akothee vs Hamisa

In 2017, Akothee showed that her friendship with Zari was not just for the good times but also for the hard times

She wrote a post roasting Hamisa Mobetto who leaked intimate photos of her in bed with Diamond Platnumz while he was still with Zari.

Photos that were taken while Diamond was asleep. And it is because of these sneaky photos that had Akothee is taking a swipe at side chics who post ‘bedroom photos’.

Akothee wrote that leaking ‘stolen sex’ pictures was malicious, manipulative and meant to break Diamond’s family (presumably). She then disclosed it would have been better if the side chic ‘chezead chini’ without interfering with Diamond’s family and that way she would have benefited more from Diamond if she kept their affair a secret. She revealed that the side chic’s short cuts were dumb and counterproductive and she clearly doesn’t know how to play these games.

“But why would I take photos of someone I have just stolen for a sex moment if am not a malicious person , I think I can forgive my baby if he is caught in this scenario, why are girls not intelligent , if you succeeded & convinced him to bed , then trust me, you can still manipulate his finances without interfering with his family if you have some brains, so you be his panadol when his main chick is on fire, mbona hamjui kula na vipofu nyie, mbona mashot cut za kijinga ? mmm, game yenu iko chini kama kiatu, a man won’t be horny forever, and sex won’t keep a man, it's beyond bed haloooo. Goodnight (sijasema mkatafute mabwana za watu, japo munawasaka, na sijataja mtu, leta matusi nikupe raha ) #brains@work, why take evidence of sex, who doesn’t know what happens when opposite sex are in bed? What are you keeping evidence for? how is hurting his family satisfying your malicious behaviour, it shows clearly you don’t even love or want this man, you want this family broken and that’s your mission #KARMA,” read the post.


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