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Zari Hassan’s surprise reaction to Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s alleged breakup

Ms Hassan's unexpected comment

Zari Hassan’s reaction to Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s alleged breakup

South Africa based Ugandan Socialite cum businesswoman Zari Hassan has reacted to her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz's alleged breakup with Tanasha Donna with sarcasm.

On Thursday, a Zari Hassan’s fan page under the name “Zaridieharddaily” shared a post, perplexed by what was going on in Chibu Dangote’s love life with his Kenyan girlfriend.

“Trouble in paradise already, Darling? Surely you must know that a leopard doesn’t change its spots,” reads the post from Zari die harddaily.


Never Changes

The post seemed to wonder why Tanasha never learned from those who had dated Platnumz before her and why she settled for someone who never changes his behavior.

This prompted Ms Hassan to join the conversation reminding the masses that; “No matter how many times a snake shades skin, it stays snake.”

Ms Hassan’s comment was directly linked to the dilemma surrounding Diamond’s love life, basing on the fact that the two parted ways after he failed to refrain from his cheating Behavior.


A section of her followers were not amused by Ms Hassan’s comment;

jerryllahijayi “Huyu mama ako na roho mbaya .prepare chapati for your snake kids nkt”

marion_kateeN u got married for less than a month 🤣🤣talk of king Bae!!! Where did he go to??”

jackie_ireri “That cougar should move the fuck on!!! Honestly tanasha has learnt her way just like she did mscheew!”

shantelsabrina4 “Kwani bado anataka diamond 🙄mbona humfwatilia ivi”


edwindenzel “Watu wakiwachwa wanakuwa motivational speaker😂😂😂”

zeddey94 “Why is she always concerned with Diamond’s love life🤔 she should move on already🧐she got two kids by this man. At least the last two baby mamas learned their lesson with only one kid”

its_rose_kasivuSurely how's does forte compete with 23,,,aai let Donna be”

joyous_86 “Kila mtu na time yake iliisha unatembeza😂😂😂😂😂 haitaki makasiriko”


charityndungu “Is kingbae a leopard or a snake ?”

vio.wboiThis woman aki aje wai move on”

iam_trina😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 ain't taking sides but this one aah...😂🤣😂knew zari hatakosa kuongea

cheshalfaHuyu mama bado anataka Diamond:::: where is kingbae Yule wa gymnastics ako wapi pia.....this woman sex will kill her”


Unfollowing Diamond

For the better part of this week, Donna and her baby daddy have been making headlines following the breakup reports.

The Radio hit maker (Tanasha) started by unfollowing Diamond and his family on social media, before coming back to Kenya.

As if that was not enough, she edited out Diamond’s name from her son’s profile, an indication that she was cutting links with all things that might remind her of the Dangote’s.

Naseeb Junior’s profile used to read, “Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz’s son” but following the standoff between the two, Donna removed Diamond’s name and now it only reads, “Tanasha Donna’s son.”


She also went on ranting on the gram, promising to tell her story through her music.


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