Vera Sidika sends special message to Diamond's wife Zari Hassan

Zari's family is passing through hard times

Vera Sidaka

The two who have been rolling together since Zari was married have proofed to be good friends both in good and bad times.

Vera has decide to show and proof her friendship with Zari after sending her a sweet message to console her during the hard times in her family.

Zari’s Ex-husband Ivan is hospitalized in South Africa and Vera has decide to hold special prayers for him as a way of showing her love to Zari.

Through her Insta stories Vera had this to say to Zari Hassan, “Let’s remember Ivan in our prayers, my love Zee, your family is in my thoughts and prayers in this trying time”

Vera Sidika and Zari first met during Vera’s tour in Tanzania and there after they become good friends.

The socialite has been able to attend WCB birthday and White party courtesy of Zari’s invitations.

Apart from Zari’s husband being hospitalized, her Son Prince Nillan is also sick and under the doctors care.

Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan are the powerful celebrity couples right now in East Africa.


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