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Zari opens up about Ivan Ssemwanga being poisoned

"The vein that raptured in his head made the condition worse"

Zari Hassan during the Burial of Ivan Don

At one time Ivan’s family accused Zari, saying she was the cause of Ivan’s death as since her divorce with their son, Ivan has never been the same again.

But days after Herbert Luyinda, who was the spokesman of the family asked for forgives from Zari over his early sentiments.

Rumors also emerged that May be Ivan Don was poisoned while at Blankets and Wine an annually event in Uganda.


But Zari has refuted the claims saying her ex-husband died of high blood pressure and not poison.

Zari Hassan who was speaking to Millard Ayo, said that Ivan had suffered a stroke that paralysed  his left side due to the vain that ruptured in his head making his condition worse.

“Ivan Ssemwanga was not poisoned. He had a recurrent high blood pressure. Which he had never checked and if he did he had never taken it serious. So he suffered a stroke that caused his blood pressure to shoot up” said Zari.

Zari went ahead to reveal that stroke affected Ivan so much leading to his veins to burst in the head.


“The doctors there after told me that 80 percent of patients with such a condition die immediately and 20 percent die within a month. And those who survive become dependent as they can rarely do anything” added Zari the boss Lady.

After the death of Ivan Ssemwanga Zari Hassan is now in charge of all the properties that belonged to her ex-husband.

All the Schools and Mansions in South Africa and Uganda are in the name of Zari and her three kids.

Zari Hassan who is known to be a business woman in South Africa is married to Tanzania Star Diamond Platinumz.


Here is the full Interview courtesy of Millard Ayo


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