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Zari’s snappy comeback after being accused of exposing her body to her sons

This was after she wore a bikini.

Zari in a bikini (Instagram)

Zari had a snappy comeback for a ‘fan’ who accused her of exposing herself to her sons when she stepped out in a bikini.

“Your two big sons see their mother like this,” a judgmental fan wrote and Zari snappily replied with “Plus you and your whole clan,” indicating that she had no patience for nonsense.


This was just one of Zari’s many replies to people who complained about her bikini pictures. “Comment za wenye hasira ziwe fupi.... kwanni maisha ya mtu yanakuumiza ivo bana? Fanya yako... periodt!” Zari taunted her critics alongside a bikini photo.

In an earlier post an irritated Zari wrote, “Ata Bi Snura haogelei na dera, je mimi? Mniache na ushamba wangu wakiganda nanyinyi mbaki na wa ki bongo Shenzi types. Nabado tu. If you can’t stand seeing me in my swim wear kila weekend hama tu insta. Am enjoying the last weeks of SA summer before winter sets in . My life My rules. Mjipange mxiu!”

She then went on to add that she had been wearing sexy swimsuits way before she started dating Diamond and became a Tanzanian in-law. “Kabla usehemeji na after ushemeji. This is my lifestyle msinipangie maisha yangu,” she captioned a collage of swimsuits.


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