On Wednesday, 11th April, Nairobi lifestyle connoisseurs joined members of the Hennessy family and Hennessy Maison for a celebration of 200 years of Hennessy V.S.O.P.

As part of their visit, the Hennessy family is meeting key stakeholders to discuss the dynamic Hennessy Maison, its heritage, and vision for the future.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to visit Nairobi, its energy and vibrancy is exciting. Hennessy has always been a brand without borders, enjoyed the world over. It’s always amazing to see Hennessy being embraced across continents and cultures and it’s important we celebrate this milestone with our valued consumers.”, shares Maurice Hennessy

At Hennessy, they live by the mantra, "Our heritage is our future".

And staying true to their mantra, Hennessy V.S.O.P (Very Superior Old Pale) all started out the royal way. That's right, it all started with a Prince. Two centuries ago, the future King George IV, a cognac connoisseur requested an excellent pale cognac which Hennessy delivered in 1818. He wanted his cognac superior, a cut above the rest and so Hennessy presented to him “VSOP – Very Superior Old Pale.” It is then that Hennessy pioneered a new style of cognac, becoming the first house to produce VSOP – the perfect expression of a balanced, harmonious and complete cognac. This would go on to transform the art of cognac making, inspiring the “Very Special Old Pale” designation. This hallmark of excellence has stood the test of time becoming an icon and a world leader today.

The cocktail event took place at the prestigious Sankara Hotel. Guests were entertained by Anto Neosoul and Gilad while Amina Abdi and Shaffie Weru were the MCs of the night. In a vibrant atmosphere, celebrities, corporates and media personalities converged to join the members of the Hennessy family in celebrating this milestone.

Here are some photos from the event.