Are men unhappy with their penis?

With so much expectations from women, most men are not sure what's good for their bodies and what's not.

Well, German urologist, Dr. Christoph Pies has a lot to say about this conundrum. Speaking to Bild he gave some pretty interesting details about men and their fear of being investigated.

Why do so many men have inhibitions to go to the doctor?

Dr. Christoph Pies:  "This is a question of mentality. Most women make appointments as a way of preventing infections. Men, on the other hand, will only come if something is wrong. I mean, why fix what's not broken?

What can you say to their reassurance?

Pies:  "It's not as bad as they think it is. Most guys leave my office laughing at how frightened they were. Guys also have a problem with getting examined. The thought of a guy touching your nethers is not as attractive we'd like it to be. However, the visit to the hospital is not as dramatic as most men think it is.

Are many men unhappy with their penis?

Pies: Let's use the word uncertain. Most are unsure about the size and appearance of their penis. One of the most common questions asked in my office is 'Is that a bad thing?'

With the excessive expectations and false assessments by women, most men are not sure what's good for their body and what's not. The average sexual intercourse in Germany, for example, takes only five minutes. When men are questioned, they estimate it retrospectively for 30 minutes. And every fifth man classifies his ejaculation as premature.

So which question do most men ask?

Pies: Like I said, "Is that something bad?" Especially with regard to testicular and prostate cancer. And then, of course, potency."

What potency disorders are there?

Pies: In the vast majority of cases, these are circulatory disorders. That's why I always say, 'The penis is the antenna of the heart.' Even before bleeding disorders, which then create the related symptoms such as heart attack and stroke, the first indicator of diseases is usually the penis. Not rising to the occasion is an early warning of impending health problems.

What penis injuries are there?

Pies: What happens relatively often is that the ribbon tears - that is, the connection between foreskin and glans. This also leads to hemorrhage because there is a small artery in the penis. All other accidents are due to foreign bodies - penis rings or things introduced into the urethra.

Which is the biggest penis myth you disapprove of?

Pies: The classic one about a man's nose size. This gives no indication of the penis length. What many people also do not know is that men also get into menopause. This is not a myth! It's called Andropause. From the age of 45, the testosterone level drops by one percent every year. Similar to the woman, it is a creeping loss of hormones. "

How do you keep a penis fit and healthy?

Pies: First and foremost, living healthy. Much exercise (three times a week at least 40 minutes of sports), balanced, healthy diet and no smoking. This is extremely harmful to the blood vessels and therefore also to potency. If someone has a sugar disease, then it must be carefully monitored. With regard to genital hygiene, I can say that it is often overdone. Many guys wash themselves a bit too much and with very strong soaps that destroy the skin flora. And then, of course, the penis needs to be in the fight. Regular sex is good, otherwise, erectile dysfunction may occur. "


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