A daring day-time attack by Al-Shabaab on a bus in Garissa left two dead and several others reeling in shock.

Witnesses divulged that the militants flagged down the passenger bus at Handaro at around 11 AM and ordered passengers to produce their national IDs.

Three non-locals were picked and ordered to recite Muslim Shahada and the seven verses of Suratul Fatiha. One of the profiled men gained his freedom after he successfully recited the verses.

The militants then tied the hands of their victims before summarily executing them.

Among the murdered was the bus' turn boy who was identified as Joshua.

Military officers responded to the distress calls shortly after the incident but by this time the militants had fled to an unknown location.

Following the attack, Northeastern regional coordinator Mohamed Birik divulged that a ground and aerial operation had been launched to flush out the militants from the forests and arrest them.

Birik assured the public that a repeat of the same will not be witnessed.

The attack evokes memories of a daring attack in 2014 in Mandera when the terror group profiled passengers and killed 28 civilians.

The militants claimed that the attack was in response to spirited government attempts to crush the terror group with several arrests and raids on mosques in Mombasa.