Father approves marriage between brother and sister in the name of God

Community members have frowned at a union between a 25-year-old man and his sister who is aged 17.

The development expectedly received condemnation from community members of Agba village located in Aguata Local Government of Anambra State.

Observers found Ezeibekwe's interest in marrying his sibling to be a thing of surprise.

The faith of the family who were described as Sabbatharian in a report by The Sun News appeared to be the motivation for the strange marriage between the pair.

“I am a Sabbatharian, I am a Christian that observes Sabbath and in the process of searching through the scripture we discovered that it is possible to marry your relative, your blood relative, your cousin, uncle, your sister, and on account of that we went on.

"Then people started hearing about it and that was the uproar and everything, so I married my younger sister.

“We are not really wedded in the church. It wasn’t true that we wedded in the church; we are just a family gathering here.

"Every Sabbath we observe Sabbath, we don’t do any other thing, we are just a family. There is a church that was here before, but we are no more with them; they have found a place and stayed there and we are now on our own, we just observe Sabbath on Sabbath days.

“We don’t have any name, we don’t have any signboard, we just observe Sabbath here and worship. He is not really the head, my elder brother, Chijioke, is rich in the scripture.

“It was me that pronounced our marriage, that my sister and myself were going to marry. Our parents were around. Mother, because of what she believed, supported it.

"Then the two of us went to our father and he asked us, ‘why should this come to pass, did we consult people, did we ask very, very well or are we just playing with it?’ We told him we were not playing with it, that I could not play with something like that.

"He asked again whether God told us to do it and did we search through the scripture? We told him that we searched through the scripture and we believed it. He said there was no problem, that if God signed it he could not reverse it," says the 25-year-old man.

Opposition from his eldest brother appears to be the main headache for Ezeibekwe who revealed that his sibling, one of 10 children isn't in support of the marriage.

The latter who is based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, travelled from his residence in a bid to understand the situation.

Discoveries he made inspired more reproach having learned that the unusual union had received the support of his parents who were quick to endorse the marriage between their children.

Chief Gabriel Ezechukwu, the Traditional Prime Minister of Ekwulobia had a similar take on the matter.

He reportedly consulted Lewis who claimed to have withdrawn support for the marriage according to The Sun News.

According to reports, a parish priest has fixed a date, March 17, 2018, set aside to dissolve the union.

Prior to this announcement, Ezechukwu who has expressed a keen interest in the issue, sent 17-year-old Chibuzor to a doctor for a pregnancy test which came out negative.

Polygamous husband shows off lovely wives, thanks God for happy union

A polygamous man, Agusi Oyeintari, cut the reflection of a fulfilled man following a picture he shared of himself in company of two lovely wives who he seemed quite smitten about.

In a Facebook post he put up on Tuesday, December 26, 2017, Oyeintari thanked God for a successful union, expressing pride about having the women in his life.

One of his social media posts showed him sandwiched between his partners who also looked delighted in a picture.

He was captured with his hands on the belly of one of his wives who wore a blue blouse. The latter appeared pregnant based on a sighting of her protruded belly.

In other posts, Agusi Oyeintari was seen in images displaying his children, two boys and two girls. An expression of fulfillment lingered in the eyes of the daughters who were seen rocking the same outfit.

The boys, who struck a nice pose with their dad bore the look of those enjoying proper care from their parents as suggested by their well-fitted outfits.


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