5 times Akothee left Kenyans in stitches

You can always counts on Madam Boss to put a smile on your face.

If she’s thinking it then you can bet Akothee is going to say it and the best part of it is that she gives it to you straight.

While most of what she says may come out as a joke to a lot of people, she actually dishes put some pretty interesting and relatable advice.

Pulse Live Kenya compiled a list of Akothee’s most interesting moments that can’t help but give you a little chuckle.

1.Advice to Kate actress before she got married

When Catherine Kamau better known as Celina got married, she received numerous congratulatory messages from Kenyan celebrities including Akothee.

Knowing Akothee, she is not one to just dish out messages without adding her own little spice to it and that is exactly what she did when it came to congratulating Catherine Kamau on her nuptials.

Through her social media, Akothee took the time to send her well wishes to the new couple saying:

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, sisi wengine tutarukaruka hadi menopause happy for you girl , ukishikwa shikamana my baby  congratulations” wrote Akothee.

Here are some of the reactions:

2.Akothee’s advice to single mothers

“Any man who tells you he can’t date a woman with children! That sh*t is not meant for you, he wants to use you, enjoy your goodies & leave. Don’t be afraid of your status, carry your children like a necklace, the most precious one, sing about your children in his ears until it becomes a house anthem? Don’t forget there are families with both dad and mom living under the same roof but the kids don’t feel their presence, this is worse than torture. It’s either you are on the left or on the right, this is dangerous. As a mother you have no choice but to carry their hearts in your hand, the same way you were patient for 9 months, don’t mind people’s opinion, they don’t even know who their father is self. Show love to your children & the rest will follow suit, kama ngumu kanyaga frame. Mrs. Alone I come with a set of 5 #teambigfive, let me see how many we are here tag me your team #singlemothers rock. Don't forget there are families with both dad & mom living under the same roof but the kids”

Pretty good advice there Akothee.

3.Akothee responding to rumors of her and her manager dating

Akothee spends a lot of time with her manager so it didn’t come as a surprise that dating rumors were making their rounds all over the internet; and probably still are.

"IF only you knew what this Man means to me , HE means the whole world to me , the higher you go the thinner the air , ooh yes I have not many friends I believe they are not up to 5 to be precise, I have too much to handle , & am not everyone's cup of tea , forget about the glam you see , men/ managers , came & flea(sp) not even running , they took off , simply because they saw the wealth & not the person I am ,they wanted money& glam & not receive the pressure , I have been so lonely for so long till I met this innocent Soul @nellyoaks , he comes from a rich family the (royal ), there is no wealth he has not seen so pliz chill , HE is calm , straight , patient ,loving & sober , we have a lot in common , he is family , he has a goal as a youth, to bring change , he has tamed me to be a better person , employees are relaxed now because he is approachable ,leave madam boss alone , WE ARE IN A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP & I AM HIS BUSINESS HE IS MY MANAGER PERIOD."

4.Akothee clapping back to haters saying that she sleeps around for money

I won’t say anymore and just let her words speak for her:

“ Am having sleepless nights trying to figure out how I can enhance my life get richest and extend my hand to those around me! , you are busy analyzing how I made my money yet you heard about me 3 years ago when fame hit the frame fool! Do you have any brains? If sex would make people rich! Why are you still broke! Or do ours ejaculate mercury so we sell later? It's just that you ain't a celebrity so no one knows your sh*t! Bulsh*t, get a corner sit down & continue analyzing & getting broke with a heart full of bitterness, you can't sit with me #mandoyuech! My life needs a case study not for every idiot to understand! Well, you bitter because am rich right? So every rich woman is either a prostitute or fraud! You don't believe in hard work and working smart + some people like #madamboss were born lucky for having a pure heart! You with your bitterness should stop sleeping with men for money! You will never get rich with this stupid attitude, your private part will suffer it's just that It can't talk! I never saw a rich prostitute not here in Kenya I don't know if it's in Europe! I don't live there!”

“If it's fame you want I will give it you, to a biro yanyi yany kisumo pier Meru, you are posing with your breasts out on your profile pics yet you dare question my dress code, am I your mother? One of my children is paying 650k per term yet they are 5, how many men will I sleep with to cover this? Lost sheep! Start analyzing your life, analyzing my life yet you haven't met me! Will make you sick, now if you come to my real life you will commit suicide coz sh*t is real, am not one of the celebrity who pose with fake things come slowly, I will blow your head #jachienmoruakoguchi, you are the one misleading young girls trying to make them understand that a woman can only get rich through fraud and prostitution, why is your mother not rich yet she had sex till you were born? Or your father was some broke slayking #Gamechanger #womenshouldrespectotherpeopleslanes #ifyoucantbeatthemjointhem ! You are stupid by using sex as a weapon against women yet you having it daily but broke like a church mouse KAL POLIS, let me mourn my grandpa #Akothmyfirstwife”

5.Akothee’s advice on how to get rich off of a sponsor’s pocket

Then there was that time she dished out advice on getting rich off money that you get from a sponsor.

“God give me patience to accommodate fake people because at this rate am going to donate them to you as burnt offerings , if you want a life then try & embrace struggles & sacrifices , same scenario different characters, you can have a sponsor but you can never stay rich or become rich , simply because , you have no idea of how to make or multiply that money, the only thing you know is how to spend, & so easy come easy go you don't even think of opening an account so that even the bank can relate with you , but you live on your istargram & Facebook account like you made money 20 years ago! the wanabiss mimi siwezi pika na jiko ,but your mother brought you up na meko ya mawe tatu na kuni” Akothee posted on Instagram.

There you have it. What was your best Akothee moment?


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