Revealed: How al-Shabaab work with 'slay queens' in new strategy

You have to avoid the 'slay queens' in these areas.

The ladies who aimlessly roam in operation intensified areas such as Lamu and Garissa Counties, are deployed by Al Shabaab, poised as love seekers yet they are out for information gathering about the Kenyan forces.

The Nation exclusively reported Tuesday that security officers who have been deployed for such operation have been targeted by women spies, who pounce on them in the guise of love making.

Villagers from Galmaghala, Ijara, Bodhei, Milimani, Basuba, Mararani, Ishakani and Kiunga areas revealed that they have been in the recent past forced to chase them out of their villages, in fear of attacks.

They intimated that the women had been send by the militants to gather intelligence for use by their seniors to plan attacks.

“We are extra cautious nowadays. We have on several occasions chased away very beautiful women whom we suspect of being spies of Al-Shabaab.

"They always target villages that closely border our camps. They have tried establishing a close relationship with us while others are even willing to become lovers of some officers,” said a GSU officer who requested anonymity.

He added: “We, however, became suspicious of them since any time the women are seen, barely two days would go by before we are attacked by Al-Shabaab.

"We have decided not to entertain them anymore. We suspect they are agents sent to try and confuse us and get information.”

Meanwhile, eight Al Shabaab militants have been killed in an operation that was carried out on December 15 by US soldiers.

The strike against the militants about 30 miles northwest of Kismayo also destroyed a vehicle, US Africa Command said in a statement on Monday.

"US forces conducted airstrikes against Al Shabaab militants in the early evening hours and no civilians were killed in the strike," it read.

On November 22, the US military said it killed more than 100 Islamist militants in Somalia when it launched an air strike against al Shabaab.

The Command said the strike was carried out on a camp 125 miles (201 km) northwest of Mogadishu and that the US would continue to target militants.


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