6 ways to Celebrate this Christmas differently

6 alternative ways you can celebrate this Christmas!

Holidays and alcohol can literally be synonymized because it’s what most of them indulge in during such special occasions.

Fights with NTSA over drunk driving is now a norm. When January knocks many culprits complain of being penniless. They are to blame for their actions and when it gets there that’s when you know it is time for change.

Here is a list of things you can do as an alternative for drinking:

Visit the less privileged

So many people lack food to eat, someone to talk to and even clothes to wear. Put a smile in such a person’s life. Make that Street child have a feel good day even if it’s bringing them together for a dance competition because for a fact, those kids are super talented in dancing. Remind them that they are talented and blessed.

Travel - Tembea Kenya

Foreign tourists outnumber the number of local tourists in Kenya. We can change this if we travel and explore our country. Most people have never attended any tourist sites yet we are blessed with so many of them. When you are financially stable it’s good to feel have a feel of the beach, our beautiful scenery.

Spend time with your loved ones

The whole year people are busy with work-related and school-related stuff, it’s good to create time for family so as to rekindle the love almost lost through the year.

Go watch your favorite movie, try watching in 7D, 3D to break monotony

A majority of the population haven’t experienced watching in 3D leave alone 7D. It’s that time to visit IMAX, it even redefines family entertainment.

Go to church

People who attend evening church events are a handful compared to Kenya’s population. It is time to revitalize the old Christmas feel where people could sing, dance and play in church.

Go camping

Look for somewhere out of this world, pitch a tent and let fun begin, do everything crazy but legit, reflect the mistakes you have made and make resolutions. Unwind, relax.


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