Man crashes plane into own house after fighting with wife

The pilot dies in the wreckage while his spouse walked away unharmed

The crash came hours after Youd was involved in a domestic violence incident and booked into the Utah County Jail on Sunday evening, Sgt.


Noemi Sandoval of the Payson Police Department told journalists on scene after the incident.

Youd made bail Sunday night and returned to his home after midnight local time with an officer to gather belongings and his truck.

Shortly after, at around 2:30 a.m. Monday, he flew the twin-engine Cessna 525 into the house, according to CBS News.

The plane belonged to a company for which Youd flew, the sergeant said, and the motive remained uncertain.


"But he is an experienced pilot, and he flew from Spanish Fork Airport directly here into the home," Sandoval said.

Youd clipped a shed on his descent into the home, which police believe may have altered his trajectory.

The fact that the wife and boy could exit the damaged house safely "was a miracle".


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