Kenyan pastor snatches mzungu woman from husband of 18 years

She's ready to leave her four children

It started in January where she claims that she stopped being attracted to her husband, Keith. So she went online to deal with her dissatisfaction and started a dalliance with a Ghanaian man.

They would send each other sexts and nudes.

Keith is expectedly depressed stating on Dr Phil’s site, “Sarah said she no longer loves me, and she wants to start a new life with some guy from Kenya named Kevin she’s never even met other than online. She said she wants to divorce me and abandon me and my four children.”

Sarah believes that Kevin is genuine despite Keith’s fears that he could be using her for money or a Green Card.

Kevin is a pastor who runs an orphanage in Kisii. And Sarah’s beliefs in his being genuine can’t be shaken as she has spoken with his family online and they are very happy for Kevin.

Keith claims Sarah was the perfect church secretary and housewife who home schooled their four children started changing after visiting a Nigerian natural doctor 2 years ago.

She changed her diet, lost weight, stopped breastfeeding and stopped being attracted to him then. He fears she has been brainwashed by Kevin.

“I think Sarah’s being brainwashed,” Keith said. “If Sarah goes to Africa, she may end up disappearing in the jungle and getting eaten by lions or jackals. I hope that Dr Phil can help me. The Sarah that I married would’ve never wanted to leave me.”


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