Man slashes neck of friend over Sh100 debt

Infuriated villagers in turn razed down the suspects house vowing to lynch him

Isaac Thuranira, the Kenyenya Sub County OCPD Confirmed the incident adding that police had launched a manhunt for the suspect who escaped immediately after committing the crime.


“We are looking for the suspect who committed this heinous crime, we are appealing to the members of the public who may know of his whereabouts to inform the police,” Mr Thuranira mentioned.

The OCPD disclosed that Karori had been given Sh1,000 to share out with his co-workers, among them the suspect Donald but delayed to give him Sh100.

“Karori took sometime before giving out the remaining Sh100 which incensed Onyango who vowed to kill him despite some of Karori’s family members offering to pay the balance,” said Mr Thuranira.


Onyango slashed Karori on the neck killing him instantly after which he fled from the scene after realizing that his colleague had died.

Infuriated villagers in turn razed down Onyango’s house vowing to lynch him if they spot him for having killed his colleague.

Karori’s mother, Mary Osebe said she could not understand why someone would kill her son over a Sh 100 debt yet the family was willing to pay him when they heard him issuing murder threats.

“We suspect that my son may have been killed for some other reasons but not for the Sh 100 debt that we were ready to pay to suspect who turned us down,” said Ms Osebe.


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